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Product Simpson Stone Concrete Tile
Measurement of Size within 3/16” permissible range
Surface Hardness 7 + Mohs Scale
Modulus of Rupture 1115 p.s.i.
Bond Strength 210 p.s.i
Absorption Less than 1%
Freeze/Thaw 50+ Cycles
Skid Resistance .069 fc - .079 fc
Impact-No Cracks/Breaks 24” drop (not the tile itself)
Compressive Strength Avg. 4-6000 p.s.i.
Flexural Wear Index 14.3

I. General Requirements

 A. All Simpson Stone Products  necessary to install tile as specified and shown on drawings shall be furnished.

 B. Manufacturer's technical and installation instructions for the specified materials are to be submitted.

II. Products

 A. Furnishings
  1. Furnish all tile known as  “StoneMaker Stone Tile.”
  2. Tile shall be manufactured by  Simpson Stone Tile
 B. Specifications shall conform to the following:
  1. Abrasive hardness  ASTM C-501-66
  2. Water absorption  ASTM C-373-72
  3. Coefficient of friction ASTM C-1028-84
  4. Breaking strength  ASTM C-678-71
  5. Frost resistance  ASTM C-1026-84
  6. Sheer bond strength ASTM C-482-68

III. Installation

 Prepare surface, fit, set or bond, grout and clean tile in accordance with application requirements of ANSI standards for setting method specified.   Tile shall be installed in accordance with the reference standards and the Tile Council of America "Handbook for  Ceramic Tile Installations" reference installation methods.
 A. Portland Cement Mortar -Unglazed paver tile:  ANSI A-108.3
 B. Dry Set Portland Cement Mortar:  ANSI A-108.5
 C. Latex Portland Cement Mortar:  ANSI A-108.5
 D. Water Resistant Organic Adhesive:   ANSI A-108.4
 E. Epoxy:  ANSI A-108.6
 F. Conductive Dry Set:  ANSI A-108.7

IV. Cleaning and Protection

 Upon completion of cleaning and grouting, clean tile surfaces of foreign matter.  Leave finished installation clean and free of cracked, chipped, broken, unbonded or otherwise defective tile work.  Prohibit foot and wheel traffic from tiled floors for a minimum of three (3) days after grouting is completed.