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Design & Color
Believing that originality and creativity are a key factor when designing a home, office, shopping mall or landscape, we have striven to create attractive and original styles that would satisfy any tastes. Our handmade, custom-colored tile are available in stock designs and colors, but we also offer a custom program where the purchaser can create a  specialty custom tile using designer colors.   We have been able to formulate our colors down to the gram, so that at any time we can match  the existing tile to the exact color years later.  This eliminates the problem of having to search for an out of stock or discontinued tile.

Custom Designs & Styles
One of the best benefits you can receive from choosing  Simpson Stone Tile is that we can offer custom made tiles to suit anyone's  needs.  For instance, a consumer  chooses  a high-end pattern in ceramic or natural stone, like limestone, that has a  relief or "frescoed" design. This may cost up to $25.00 per square foot.  You can send us this tile and we can create our version, made with a much more durable product,  and charge only fractions of what you would pay for the original.  You will also have the opportunity to choose any color you would like for that tile, with color & style matching abilities in the future.

Interiors & Exteriors
Concrete, a cementetious product that has always been versatile for interior and exterior uses.  We have taken this material and increased its quality and durability  to create floor tile with attractiveness and style.  And because it is still concrete based, this allows for uses on interior projects and exterior projects.  There were many areas that could only use the thick industrial pavers or brick, but now with our Simpson Stone Tile, you can create a whole new look with tile, where traditional  tile can't be used.  Due to the addition of fortifiers and strengthener, our tile can be used on driveways and heavy traffic areas, with no cracking or breaking, creating a fresh new look.

Average concrete is approximately 2,500 pounds per square inch, where Simpson Stone Tile has an average of 4,000 - 6,000 pounds per square inch.  This allows for multiple uses for exterior or heavy traffic applications.  Durability and chip resistance are two of many  features that make our tile a smart choice.  Our product meets or exceeds building code requirements and we offer quality control on all of our products to ensure every customer receives only the best. And Simpson Stone Tile comes with a factory Warranty.

Installation & Upkeep
The installation and upkeep are basically the same with any tile, if not easier.  Installation procedures follow the "Tile Council of America" 's  specifications for installing ceramic or stone tile. Any certified  tile installer should be qualified to set your concrete tile.  All tile unless otherwise requested has been factory sealed with one coat of either a penetrating or topical sealer, depending upon the type of project.    After the installation, we recommend the installer place an additional 2 coats of sealer to the tile. This leaves the tile virtually maintenance free.  For exteriors, a water rinse under pressure and a mild detergent for stains and interiors require only dust mopping or vacuuming and mopping with soap and water as needed.

The price of Simpson Stone Tile seems to be very popular with the consumer.  Many of our stock tile designs can be compared in appearance to high dollar designer tile, but for fractions less.  We offer our customers their choice of a vast array of stock colors and styles at no extra cost, and have a custom tile program that could save a consumer hundreds of dollars from  retail prices.