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SST-400 Neutral No-Rinse Floor Cleaner is designed for daily floor care.  SST-400 is an effective general purpose cleaner for removing light to moderate soils from hard surfaces in facilities such as schools, institutional facilities, office buildings, restaurants, etc. SST-400 cleaner is easy to use and economical.

SST-500 Extra Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser is a highly concentrated degreaser which should be diluted for uses as directed.  SST-500 is intended for uses in industrial, commercial and institutional cleaning.

SST-60 Floor Revitalizer provides greater floor maintenance flexibility than ever before.  SSI-60 is used to remove black heel marks and scuffs.  Its special formulation of cleaners and polymers, made possible through advancing floor maintenance technology, is equally well-suited to use in high-speed polishing machines or with traditional spray-buffing and mop-buffing technologies.

SST-90 Floor Stripper will remove old wax or finish.  SST-90 removes hardened floor waxes and built-up layers of water-resistant floor finishes and will quickly remove the old finish.

Prices, Specifications and Safety Data available upon request

SST Systems
A Product of Simpson Stone Tile