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Choosing the correct coating or sealer is important to each and every project, that's why we are offering our customers a full line of sealers, coatings and cleaners to assist you obtaining  high quality proven  products.

SST-1001  Water-Based Masonry Hardener, penetrates concrete and masonry building materials protecting, preserving and strengthening them permanently.  SST-1001 formula is non-film forming and is an excellent way to harden and stop concrete from dusting along with many other benefits.

SST-2001 is a Water-Based Concrete Sealer and Water Repellent. SST-2001 is a ready to use, clear, deep penetrating, liquid concrete sealer and water repellent.  It is colorless, non-staining, non-film forming and non-yellowing.  SST-2001 has many applications, the most common of which is vertical application for waterproofing on structures where non-film forming and no gloss finish is preferred.

SST-101 Epoxy is a 100% solids, two component epoxy coating for concrete surfaces. SST-101 cured film will give a durable, glossy finish and is an excellent wear surface for areas with heavy traffic, such as restaurant floors.  SST-101 has excellent flow and leveling properties and can be cured under cool damp conditions.

SST-5001 Industrial Floor Finish is an ultra high solids floor finish that is tough and flexible metal cross-linked acrylic, formulated to dry to a brilliant gloss.  SST 5001 will provide a maintainable floor.  The static coefficient of friction was measured by the James Machine in accordance with ASTM D2047-82.  SST-5001 has a rating of .74.  SST-5001 is commonly used over floor coatings and sealers on interior jobs due to the static coefficient, ease of floor care and reduced maintenance cost while providing a longer life for the floor coatings and sealers.

SST-190 or SST-290 is a unique combination of thermoplastic acrylic resins.  This unique combination will work as a sealer hardener, curing agent, and dust proofer on concrete.  Dries to a uniform non-yellowing film.  Can be applied to floors, walls and bricks.  SST-190 or SST-290 can also be used for interior and exterior applications on industrial and residential applications, giving an excellent wear surface.  SST-190 or SST-290 is used extensively on stamped concrete, both interior and exterior, and flooring on commercial jobs such as retail stores and restaurants in conjunction with SST-5001.  This system provides a long lasting floor that is easily maintainable.
-SST-190 is solvent based
-SST-290 is water based

SST-901 is a unique modified waterborne two-component Aliphatic Polyurethane, that provides a tough  and glossy finish for concrete.  SST-901 is designed for interior and exterior applications, for industrial and residential applications.  SSY-901 dries to a uniform non-yellowing film. SST-901 also provides an excellent wear surface for areas with heavy traffic.

SST-700 is a two-component weatherable epoxy and embodies the properties of both a high performance epoxy and an acrylic polyurethane in one coat.  This multi-purpose coating offers "breakthrough" weather resistance and corrosion control.  SST-700 provides an excellent wear surface for heavy traffic, and dries to a uniform non-yellowing film.

Prices, Specifications and Safety Data available upon request

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